Google Announces New Call-Only Ads

by Vee Burris

Why Google’s New Call-Only Ads Are Great For Local Businesses? 

Just recently Google announced a new option in AdWords that allows advertisers to run mobile ad campaigns only. If you aren’t already familiar with these campaigns, they are simply ads which allow advertisers to reach their target customers by displaying their phone number, call button and a brief business description.

The ads are specifically meant for advertisers who value a phone call more than a click and they are optimized for display on mobile devices capable of making phone calls. When potential website visitors search for businesses on Google, the only CTA (Call-to-action) is a phone number which prompts searchers to confirm the call. With call-only ads, searchers can’t reach an advertiser’s website, the only option for them is to give your business a ring.

These new ads have caused a lot of excitement among advertisers who were previously using Pay-Per-Click ads because they reduce instances of unwanted/accidental clicks or website visits which don’t convert, but still add to the overall cost of your campaign. Google’s new call-only ads were inspired by the fact that approximately 70% of all mobile searchers call businesses directly from search results, and indicates the massive potential that these ads have in reaching potential customers directly from the search engine.