Social media marketing

We can put the leverage of the world’s most
powerful online media networks right in the
palm of your hand.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more all have user bases that number in the hundreds of millions of people. These services aren't just for sharing funny cat pictures and checking up with friends and family members - they can also be an incredibly efficient way to connect with your target audience in an organic and insightful way - provided you know exactly what you're doing.

Social media marketing can not only help you identify people in your location that are likely to be interested in the products and services that you offer, but it can also be an incredibly method for grabbing the attention of these individuals in a new and involved way that is difficult to ignore.

Maximum Services for Maximum Impact

At iMedia Grp, we provide full service, end-to-end services to help make sure that your campaigns are getting the results that you not only want, but that you deserve. We use a wide range of state-of-the-art, proprietary technology to help increase your return on investment and help you intimately measure the results of your marketing channels for superior levels of effectiveness.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about social media marketing is that each site has its own unique users. Facebook users love long form content, for example, but Twitter users are looking for shorter, faster bursts of information. Instagram users love pictures, while sites like LinkedIn tend to be much more professional than the rest. The key takeaway from this is that while your message may be successful regardless of the social networking site, the form that it takes might not. A piece of content that excels on Facebook likely won't on Twitter because its users are looking for a different delivery mechanism.

By customizing your campaign for not only your business but for the specific platform your content will be going on, we can help maximize your results and can successfully execute your objectives including targeting, creatives, optimization and more.

The iMedia Grp Touch

At iMedia Grp, we can bring a superior level of service to your social media marketing campaigns. Not only will we create a branded community of loyal followers around your company, but we can also create a new level of engagement by fostering digital conversations with your customers. We can showcase your company culture and what makes your organization truly unique and valuable via blogging and can also provide fast, personal and (most importantly) exceptional customer service with sites like Twitter.

At iMedia Grp, we value integrity, honesty and transparency above all else. We won't just take over your social media marketing campaigns - we'll teach you how to successfully utilize sites like Facebook and Twitter on your own. It isn't about solely providing results - it's about helping you better understand the new social world in which we now live so that we can execute the most powerful campaign possible together.