lead generation services

Our lead generation program is designed to
not only find as many customers for you as
possible, but the right customers.

At iMedia Grp, we understand how important leads are as your business continues to grow and evolve. If you think of your business as a car, without lead generation you're essentially stuck in neutral. The car may work just fine, but it isn't actually making any type of forward progress. If your marketing strategies are paying off and you're generating new, high quality leads on a daily basis, that same car is cruising down the highway with the top down and your favorite song blasting out of the radio.

The iMedia Grp Lead Generation Strategy

The high quality lead generation services that iMedia Grp brings to the table allow you to purchase leads on either a cost-per-lead (CPL) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. One of the major benefits of this comes from the fact that not only do you get to guarantee a steady flow of high quality leads on a daily basis, but you also get to control costs at the same time.

Without the right CPL or CPA strategies at your disposal, you're essentially playing a game of trial and error with every dollar that you spend on your marketing strategies. Some campaigns will work better than others, but your costs will certainly become more malleable over time and controlling them will soon be a lot easier said than done. Purchasing on a CPL or CPA basis allows you the results that you're after, all with the predictable costs that you can use to help make sure that you're always spending your money wisely.

iMedia Grp can also distribute leads to you and your employees in two different ways depending on your preferences. We can distribute them in real-time as they come in, or batched several times throughout the business day in the form of an email, a CVS file or an Excel file. Not only is generating those leads handled in the most efficient way, but managing them after the fact has never been easier.

Finding Your Ideal Customer

iMedia Grp's lead generation services aren't just designed to find you as many new customers as possible, but the right customers. The ones that are interested in your specific product or service who may have been difficult to find on your own.

Our services allow us to generate real-time leads through a hand crafted and specifically designed websites, allowing us to attract a wide range of customers, businesses and service interests. These sites are designed from the ground up to help funnel inbound customer traffic from display and mobile ads, email messages and other sources - all while offering your customers the chance to submit their information to make further contact with one of your representatives.

You get to enjoy a steady stream of highly qualified leads that fall firmly within your target demographic, all hand delivered via our pre-qualification process. You also get easy access to the most coveted leads of all - the people who have expressed an intense interest in your product or service and who desperately want to learn more. This is the type of benefit that you'll only get from working with iMedia Grp.