Our proprietary Performance Platform is specifically designed to deliver results at scale.

We deliver quality respondents across both mobile and web via multi-channel campaigns on CPA, CPL, CPI and CPM. Combining reporting data and campaign optimization capabilities, the iMedia Grp Performance Platform seamlessly connects to direct and third party media sources, allowing you to access and promote your campaigns to external audiences.


Our performance advertising platform accelerates campaign performance via an Integrated Marketing approach. Combining data and business intelligence in real time, our Performance Platform delivers the most effective results for performance advertising campaigns. 

It’s a winning formula for smarter ad planning, more precise targeting and better revenue results for all of our ADVERTISERS and MEDIA PARTNERS.

iMedia Grp's Performance Platform offers a single gateway to scalable reach on both web and mobile platforms across media channels. We are your gateway to accessing quality users, valuable leads and powerful engagement required to reach your customer and user acquisition objectives.

We bring you views, conversions and customers with our advanced ad formats and media properties.


Join more than 500 advertisers and brands from around the world that have chosen iMedia Grp to bring in quality leads, sales and engagement from their digital advertising campaigns.