eMail Marketing

Do your marketing emails go largely unread? Not only do we know why, we know exactly how to fix it.

The Prospect Email Marketing Challenge

Email is by far one of the fastest and most efficient ways to connect with your target audience as a business owner. From the target's perspective, however, it is also unfortunately one of the easiest to ignore. It takes an average of three seconds to read a subject line, process who the email is from and click "Archive" or "Delete" if you're uninterested. For businesses everywhere, this presents a unique challenge that needs to be addressed at all costs.

How do you create compelling, organic content that your target audience won't be able to stop themselves from reading? How do you maximize the return on investment of your campaign to help reach scalable local and national audiences through premium email delivery?

At iMedia Grp, our turn-key process is designed to accomplish all of this and more.

The iMedia Grp Way

At iMedia Grp, our services begin with the creation of a customized profile. We will not only analyze your ideal target audience, but we'll use advanced analytics, demographic enhancements, psychographic clustering and more to learn about exactly what they're looking for. We understand the type of content that they're most likely to read versus the content that they delete and will help design a campaign that is very much the former.

Our scaling capabilities allow us to reach the largest universe available. We can leverage a universe of active, verified emails for targeting through real-time data fields to expand your target audience and help you acquire more customers with each passing day.

Not only that, but we can also dramatically increase your campaign return on investment, boost your level of inbox delivery and protect the reputation of your email list through best in class hygiene services.

Campaigns That Work For You

At iMedia Grp, we fully understand that certain campaigns call for highly specialized mailing lists. Our business-to-customer services allow you to select certain segments of your target audience based on things like income bracket, age, whether or not they have children, interests and more. Our business-to-business criteria can allow you to customize a campaign based on the total number of employees at a business, annual revenue, location, SIC code and more.

At iMedia Grp, we have more than 400 demographic and lifestyle selections for you to choose from depending on your needs. What this level of control allows you to do is simple: it has now never been easier to reach that special type of customer that you're after, or the key decision maker in a business, allowing you to achieve the results that you've been waiting for.

At iMedia Grp, we are also DMA Guideline and CAN-SPAM compliant. All of our databases are double opt-in, which will go a long way towards making sure that you have access to the highest quality targets for your important email marketing materials each and every time.

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