SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We make sure you’re where you need to be whenever potential clients look for your products or services.

Through our SEO (search engine optimization) expertise, iMedia Grp strategically places your website on the most popular search engines and on the most popular search engine directories. Our Yext "PowerListing" certified and Google Ad experts will help you leapfrog top positions, allowing you to be found by a large and targeted audience who is actively searching for your business.

iMedia Grp is one of the few companies that are Yext certified. Taking advantage of our Yext Powerlistig and Yext SEO certification, the only certification that is recognized and accepted by 62 of the top Search Engine Directories with native API for solutions in multiple platforms, gives your company the ultimate views it needs. At iMedia Grp, we believe that you should never be the competition if you can lead it.

The following is a list of SEO services that iMedia Grp provides to our clients:

  • Yext PowerListing
  • Keyword list development
  • URL re-tooling
  • Website content adjustment
  • Content writing and posting (blogging)
  • Meta-Tag authoring
  • HTML site maps
  • XML site maps
  • Header tag authoring
  • Image alt-tag optimization
  • Content linking
  • Reputation management
  • Testing and optimizing effective approaches
  • Yext Certified
  • Google Ad Partner

iMedia Grp has extensive experience optimizing websites, dating back to the advent of internet search engines. We maintain a testing lab that enables us to concurrently test and implement new methods. We only utilize effective methods that are both long-term and reputable.

SEO should play a significant role in your company’s online marketing strategy. Let iMedia Grp elevate your SEO ranking and be found by those who need and want your services.

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